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Stress Reduction & Cultivating Positive Emotions through Meditation

By Kelly Quach, LMFT, CAMS

The Power of Meditation: Meditation is a simple, natural technique that allows your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve a state of inner peace, without needing to use concentration or effort.

Meditating can help you:

•Experience inner calm and relax your body and mind

•Deal with challenges in a positive way

•Develop inner wisdom that leads to enlightenment

•Alleviate stress

•Reduce blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and anger

•Learn new ways to better self-caring

The class is designed and taught by a licensed psychotherapist. It’s suitable for anyone who is currently dealing with illness, chronic pain, anger, or having a need for healing, letting go of negative emotions, or simply stress reduction from one's busy life.

You will learn how to explore kindness, compassion, and gratitude through practical exercises including relaxation techniques, meditation, gentle Yoga-based stretching. The class will explore various aspects of health and wellness, and will have supportive group discussions.

Seats are limited! Sign up today to save your spot!

To Sign Up: Call 714-867-7055 or via email or inform our office staff.

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