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Therapy for new moms

Postpartum Fatigue

Pregnancy and motherhood life coaching

Prenatal and postpartum counseling

Stress and anxiety management

Relationship management

Life adjustment

New moms wellness

Motherhood isn't solely physically draining; it can be an emotional roller-coaster. The profound love and highs often accompany moments of uncertainty and emotional lows. Sadly, societal expectations often pressure moms to only portray happiness, concealing any other sentiments. But if you're experiencing a mix of emotions or not savoring every single moment, know you're not alone in that.

It's okay not to relish every instant. These emotions don't define your worth as a person or as a mother. Pretending everything is flawless can be exhausting. Hiding genuine feelings behind a facade of having it all together only deepens feelings of shame and solitude.


Seeking help isn't a weakness; it's a reflection to your resilience. Consulting a therapist can be remarkably empowering. Opening up in a secure environment can pave the way for healing. Extend to yourself the same compassion you readily offer others in your life.


I'm here to support you in navigating the challenges of new motherhood, finding a balance that allows you to pursue your passions and career, while also maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner and fostering a happy family.






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