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Children & Families Counseling

Angry kids? Maybe they are not acting like they should or they may be frustrated, don’t follow your rules, or have other behavioral and emotional issues?  Also, kids process death, family break-up, or changes in the family. They may get quiet, moody, withdraw, angry, or acting out? I can help your child in learning how to properly communicate and to recognize their triggers and learn the appropriate skills to regulate their emotions in a healthy way. Ultimately, overcoming the challenges and difficulties in life.


Other issues:

•  Academic struggles/learning disabilities


•  Autism Spectrum Disorder

Behavioral Issues at home or in school

• Blended Families Issues

• Child or Adolescent counseling

•  Child Abuse

•  Child-Parent Conflict

•  Children and Substance Abuse

•  Domestic Violence

•  Inter-generational conflict and adjustment 

•  Parenting Support

•  Raising children with conflicting cultural values

• Coping with parental conflict/separation/divorce


My goal is to seek to identify the underlying causes of parent-child/teen conflicts and help mend tension by way of strengthening healthy boundaries, increasing productive communication and enhancing parent-child/teen bonds.  It is also my goal is to empower each family member to change non-productive behaviors within the family and change each member’s unhealthy attitudes by way of collaborating, building rapport, strengthening communication, changing perceptions, and managing anxiety and anger.


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